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We’ve been friends for 10 years and surfing has always been the core of our friendship. As surfers and engineers, we can unfortunately see that our planet Earth is changing for the worse. The climate is warming up, biodiversity is threatened and we find plastic inside the ocean and on our favorite beaches. Current production and consumption patterns are responsible for this.

At WYVE, we are deeply convinced we can act to counter these changes. Most of surfers share out sentiment. We can all play a part in protecting our Oceans!

Surfers Deserve Better

Surfing is a demanding sport that requires high-performance equipment, but surfing is above all a state of mind, a community. By buying traditional surfboards, the surfing community inadvertently supports a process which uses petrochemical materials and generates toxic waste.

Whether in the local small shaper's warehouse or in the famous Californian factories, for the last 60 years polyurethane and polyester have been polluting our air and oceans. They threaten the health of shapers and those working in surfboard manufacturing. These raw materials often travel more than 10 000 km before the surfboard is finally delivered to the customer.

Surfers deserve better. They should have the right to access more transparent surfboards.
female surfer with long hair holding high vertical Wyve fish surfboard in blue sky
male surfer holding high black and transparent Wyve hexa surfboard from the back

Technical and environmental excellence

We choose to see eco-responsibility, not as a constraint, but on the contrary as a crucial challenge and an opportunity to innovate and create better products.

We believe that technology can complement hand-made work to make fully customized surfboards that match both the level and the values of surfers. We know Eco-Design will not be adopted in the long-term if seen at the expense of performance and pleasure. That's why we are striving for excellence in performance too.

We are confident that each and every surfer can be a climate ambassador, proudly riding their custom-made Eco-Surfboard.
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Wyve materials table for eco-surfboard and up-cycled surfboard


Cleaner materials are key to making cleaner surfboards. We are committed to continually improving and exploring new materials to meet our ideal standards.
Today, the honeycomb core structure of a HEXA Surfboard is made out of bio-based plastic, PLA, which comes from fermented corn starch.

Our ultimate goal is to use recycled plastics from the waste polluting our oceans. As a first step, we are working on extruding shredded recycled plastic bottles (made out of PET) collected locally.

For glassing, we use a France Made bio-epoxy. Certified with the ECOBOARD Project, this bio-resin links our eco-responsibility aims with elite performance. The bio-resin is applied on a few fiberglass layers, to make the surfboard float, robust and easily repairable.

male local shaper sanding Wyve fish Hexa surfboard in micro-factory

local production

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with local actors and suppliers, in order to engage in regional economic development, and to limit our carbon emissions.

Our manufacturing and distribution model revolves around our local micro-factories. They gather everything necessary to produce a whole surfboard in a single place: from the 3D-printers, to the cozy showroom, to the shaping workshop.

Wyve local production today and tomorrow
man holding 3D printed surfboard core in Wyve local micro-factory

eco design

What is fundamental in the eco-design process is not to overlook the product's lifespan and what happens at its end-of-life.

The tailor-made surfboard has a higher chance of being used properly and longer due to its durable 3D-printed, personalized core.Thanks to the hollow design and materials used, the surfboards are extremely robust and easily repairable.

In case of water infiltration, no need to heat dry the core. Simply drain and patch. Finally the plastic core is completely recyclable!

Wyve Eco design today and tomorrow
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meet the team

We were born in France, an outstanding country for boardsports.
For 10 years, we have skied in the Alps, skated all around French cities, and surfed on the whole Atlantic coast.
Guided by the same passion and vision for boardsports, we want to intensify/reinforce the positive impact these sports, that have shaped our friendship, can have on our lives and on our planet.

This is why we decided to use our engineering skills to reinvent the way of producing and distributing surfboards, to finally match surfers’ values.

young man portrait smiling Wyve co-foundertransparent envelope icon

Sylvain fleury

Born optimistic, Sylvain is ready to paddle hard to push surfing beyond the current limits. You can find him anywhere outdoor. In the mountain, forest or ocean, Sylvain finds a sport that makes him feel closer to the nature. Always concerned by the impact of his products, he naturally wanted to use his engineering background to make his passion more sustainable.
young man portrait smiling Wyve co-founder

lÉo bouffier

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You might see him at a Climate March, in his native Brittany surf spot or in a fablab. As a nature lover and engineer specialized in oceanography, he wants to live his passion for waves through HEXA Surfboard! Leo cares for details and has a perfect vision of the board’s curvatures and design. High performance is not even an option for him.

our micro-factory

anglet, france

5 steps to your surfboard

Definition the adequate surfboard outline thanks to our data optimizing software, based on shapers’ knowledge, your measurements, surfing habits and goals.
smiling man holding hexa surfboard with shape parameters on a sticker
Optimization of our honeycomb pattern, thanks to Computer Aided Design (CAD) to match high performance criteria.
Sticker of custom HEXA surfboard parameters enabled with 3D-printing
3D-Printing nozzle scheme on sticker
3D-printing of the core of your surfboard with bio-plastic.
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Glassing of the hollow 3D-printed core with fiberglass and a 50% bio-based resin (ecoboard gold label), with a final hot coat to make it shine.
Wyve Shaper finishing and coating hexa surfboard details
cardboard eco-packaging for WYVE eco-surfboards
Last but not least, carboard eco-packaging for a safe and eco-responsible transport... to you!