February 10, 2023
Throwback on what has been done since the end of 2019 and what lays ahead of us.
Wyve tests the Wave GardenWyve tests the Wave Garden
July 26, 2022
the Wyve team went to the Alaïa Bay wave pool in Switzerland for a competition
Lionel LourençoLionel Lourenço
July 20, 2022
Lionel Lourenço, Charente-Maritime native, lives for for surfing
Dave Armstrong Dave Armstrong
July 19, 2022
You’ll often find Dave chilling in a green room...
Pierre Olivier CoutantPierre Olivier Coutant
June 28, 2022
Pierre-Olivier Coutant, aka Pierro, always pushes his limits in the water...
Is 3D printing an answer to today’s industry challenges?Is 3D printing an answer to today’s industry challenges?
June 6, 2022
3D printing is getting to another level!
How to repair surfboard ding?How to repair surfboard ding?
February 18, 2022
You can easily repair your Wyve board with a classic repair kit.
Our Flexi-Hex® packaging for safe and eco-responsible transportOur Flexi-Hex® packaging for safe and eco-responsible transport
November 18, 2021
Flexi-Hex® protects your HEXA board from the nose, through the rails to the tail
What surfboard fins should i get?What surfboard fins should i get?
August 25, 2021
User guide to choose your surfboard fins
Wyve in the economic and ecological transition Wyve in the economic and ecological transition
June 11, 2021
1.7 Planets. That's what we would need to continue living the way we do today.
A history of surfing in EuropeA history of surfing in Europe
June 7, 2021
Surfing was discovered just about as far away from Europe as possible.
Taking surfboard testing to another levelTaking surfboard testing to another level
May 24, 2021
Let’s talk surfboard technology, wave pool tests and research and development.
LEAVES  by WyvesurfLEAVES by Wyvesurf
April 6, 2021
A surf edit by Wyve surf
How to choose the right surfboard as a beginnerHow to choose the right surfboard as a beginner
January 28, 2021
Here are a few tips on which surfboard you should buy.
WYVE surf clip in AngletWYVE surf clip in Anglet
January 13, 2021
Watch our first surf clip in Anglet!
Fixing your HEXA surfboard in 10 minutesFixing your HEXA surfboard in 10 minutes
November 27, 2020
Fixing your HEXA surfboard in 10 minutes
September 18, 2020
Meet Victoria, 24, from baby swimmer to professional surfer
Wyve, Our New NameWyve, Our New Name
September 4, 2020
Wondering why we've changed our name from HEXA Surfboard to Wyve?
May 29, 2020
Meet Ainhoa, at only 17 she’s a hell of a Girls in Surf & Eco-Warrior Ambassador
May 15, 2020
Meet Anaïs, an eloquent 35-year-old Author who found in surfing a new Beginning
May 8, 2020
Meet Marta, the authentic and inspiring Italian new Mom behind @Surfragette
May 1, 2020
Meet Uhaina, a 19-year-old Champion surfing with her Mom… and Wild Animals
April 24, 2020
Meet Lucie, a 25-year-old energetic and witty French Surf-Lover
April 17, 2020
Meet Maud, our French 27-year-old Born-To-Be Pro-Surfer
April 10, 2020
Meet Natalie, a comitted 36-year-old Re-Purposing her life towards Surfing
April 3, 2020
Meet Maëlys, a 17-year-old talented Go-Getter training at the Pôle France
March 27, 2020
Meet Jeanne, a bubbly 23-year-old former Water-Phobic and active Surf Developer
March 20, 2020
Meet Natsumi, an authentic 25-year-old Pro Longboarder from Japan
March 13, 2020
Meet Emmanuelle, a fearless 48-year-old Pro-Surfer and inspiring Surf Coach!
Everything you need to know about finsEverything you need to know about fins
March 13, 2020
How does one make the right decision when it comes to selecting a fin?
First Waves First Waves
March 8, 2020
They are different, but share a devouring passion for surfing. Pure Inspiration.
March 8, 2020
Meet Lucy, a beginner Surfer blogging from the Mediterranean Sea to Bali
March 8, 2020
Meet Manon, a 27-Year-Old Passionate Surfer And Ocean Cleaner
March 8, 2020
Meet Katell, a 47-year-old single Mom & Vice World Champion of Adaptive Surfing
HEXA ValentineHEXA Valentine
February 14, 2020
8 reasons why your HEXA Surfboard will make the perfect Valentine!
How are made our Surfboards?How are made our Surfboards?
January 7, 2020
Wyve reinvents the way of producing and distributing surfboards. Here is how.
Why Eco-SurfboardsWhy Eco-Surfboards
November 5, 2019
What are surfboards made out of? What is an Eco-surfboard?
Surf business & ecological awareness, the story of a passionate Polish surfer.
Surf Safety, Etiquette and General Know HowSurf Safety, Etiquette and General Know How
Understand the fundamentals of the sport to ensure safety.
The Origins of SurfingThe Origins of Surfing
A debate within the surf community is where the practice of surfing originated.
Surf trips and surfboards explainedSurf trips and surfboards explained
Should I bring my surfboard with me for a surf trip?