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Why Wyve?

WYVE is born out of the observation that while 80% of surfers are keen on adopting sustainable consumption habits, surfboards are extremely polluting and the industry has seen little innovation over last 60 years.

As a team of surfers and tech-lover engineers, we’ve decided to create a whole new way of producing and distributing surfboards. By using advanced technologies, we build high-performance sustainable surfboards that perfectly match surfers’ expectations and values. And cherry-on-the-top, our board comes with a completely unique, transparent design.

Our users are our priority, we are building a seamless purchasing experience and are really eager to engage with the progressive and ambitious surfing community!

What is a hexa surfboard?

The HEXA Surfboard is the first 3D printed board developed by WYVE. Each HEXA Surfboard is unique and tailor-made for your surfing needs. It is a sustainable surfboard that makes no compromise with high performance.

Its unique transparent design will make you feel even more connected to the ocean you’re riding on. We use the most advanced technologies to optimize its fit to your needs and dreams.

Where Can I See A HEXA Surfboard?

Follow us on our social media pages or subscribe to our newsletter and be part of our next test sessions, on the French West Coast. You will be able to see them, feel them and even try one of them on beautiful waves. You can also visit our office and workshop in Anglet.


Where Can I Buy A Board?

You can order your customized HEXA Surfboard directly on our website.

Where Are The Boards Manufactured?

We are manufacturing your HEXA Surfboards with love in our workshop in Anglet (South West Coast of France) and soon in California.

Where Are You Located?

We are located in Anglet (South West Coast of France) at the heart of the French surfboard shaping culture. Please feel free to reach us if you’re around.

What Is The Difference between a hexa surfboard and A Classic Board?

-Like hand-shaped surfboards, our boards are produced and distributed locally, and are customized to perfectly fit you and your surf habits.

-Like industrially-shaped surfboards, our boards are characterized by high performance design.

-Like sustainable boards, our boards are manufactured to respect the environment and to be in line with our shared values.

-Like some artisanal boards, we value the aesthetics of a surfboard, you deserve to own an amazing and beautiful board.

Our main difference is that we don’t make any compromises between these essential criteria.

Can I Contact You?

Of course, please send us an email at team@hexasurfboard.com, or message our Instagram account @wyvesurf.

We’d love to have a chat with you :)

What Is Your Business Model?

We are a DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brand), since we are committed to the whole lifecycle of our value chain, in order to make the best product at a fair price, and offer you the smoothest experience possible.

How Nice Are Your Boards?

We are very proud of our very original transparent and geometrical design. Have a look at our various photos on our Instagram account.

Please, feel free to share your own photos with our boards, we would be thrilled to see them along with their owners!

What Is A HEXA Surfboard Made Of?

A HEXA Surfboard is made out of 3 components:

-Eco-responsible plastic for the internal structure of our board.
We are currently using corn-starch based plastic. We are currently developing a process to upcycle recycled plastic bottles.

-Bio-based Epoxy resin for the shine and water resistance of the board. Our resin is Made in France, and has the Sustainable Surf Gold level.

-Fiberglass or vegetal fibers (like linen fibers) to strengthen the coating of our surfboard and to enable the transparency of it.
Feel free to look at our explanatory diagram.

Why Is A HEXA Surfboard More Sustainable Than Any Other Board?

Traditional surfboards are extremely polluting. They are 95% comprised of petrochemical materials. They are not recyclable, not durable and produce more than 6 kg of toxic waste per board.

The materials used to make a surfboard travel more than 10 000 km before it reaches the consumer. The numerous intermediaries along the supply chain significantly add to the ecological impact of the boards.

At HEXA Surfboard, we totally rethink the manufacturing process and the distribution of surfboards by limiting our supplier to bio-plastic sourcing, and by being a direct-to-consumer brand.

According to our life cycle analysis, each HEXA Surfboard sold corresponds to:
- 75 recycled and valorised plastic bottles
- 5 kg of carcinogenic toxic waste avoided
- 30 kg CO2-equivalent saved
- 9000 km of product transportation not travelled

What Size Is A HEXA Surfboard?

For now we offer any surfboards shape below 7 feet.

Depending on your answer to our customization form, we will find the perfect board that matches your needs. Performance shortboards, retro-fish, grovelers, wombat, ... let's find out what your perfect board is!

Stay tuned for we are thinking to soon offer new shapes like longboards and malibus.

Is It Recyclable?

We are developing a process to recycle 100% of the plastic of our surfboards, in order to directly reuse this recycled plastic to build brand new ones!

How Much Plastic Is Necessary To Make A Board?

We use between 1.5kg and 2 kg of recycled plastic to manufacture one surfboard.

How Much Does A Hexa Surfboard Cost?

A HEXA surfboard costs between €650 and €850, depending on the shape.

Should I Pay Now?

You only pay 50% of the price now, and the remaining amount when your own customized surfboard is ready.

Am I Eligible To Buy One?

Yes! Our first models are now available in France and some European countries.

When Will I Get My Surfboard?

Your HEXA Surfboard will be delivered within 90 days of order confirmation.

how to use my hexa surfboard

We wrapped up everything you need to know about your new HEXA surfboard in our new user guide, right here.