February 18, 2022

How to repair surfboard ding?

You can easily fix your Wyve board with a classic repair kit in 15 minutes.

How to repair small surfboard ding?

We explain everything about draining and repairing a Wyve surfboard in the video clip right here!

Since the Wyve surfboard have a design you have never seen before, a lot of you have been asking us how easy it is to repair the boards. 
Indeed, whether by taking a big set over the head or just by putting our board in a car, we have all made some dings in the past.

The good news is that the Wyve structure is 3 times more resistant than a traditional surfboard impact-wise. So the probability to make a ding is extremely lower.
However, you can still make one on the reef or by throwing your board across the window.

Another good news is that Wyve surfboards are extremely easy to fix. If there is a water infiltration, you can drain the water and come back to the original state! We are explaining you how to repair the board with a traditional repair kit.

What to use to repair surfboard?

You will have to take these 4 essentials tools:

Steps to repair the surfboard ding

1. Identify the ding

First, you'll need to identify the ding visually. If you are having hard time finding it, look for the sport that is a bit wet inside the board.

2. Make water flow to the tail

Let the water flow to the tail by leaving your board vertically for a few minutes.

3. Open the vent with your HEXA tool
4. Drain the water

Let the water flow through the hole of the vent.

5. Use sanding paper on the ding
6. Cover the ding with epoxy
7. Let in dry during 15 minutes
8. Final sanding

Once the resin is dried, sand it until you cannot see the extra resin!

And you are ready to go!

Where to buy surfboard repair kit?

You can buy a repair kit in any surfshops and online!

Where to repair surfboard?

How to repair big surfboard ding?

It's still easy with some filled resin & fiber. Any shaper can do it or we can take care of it.

Don't forget, our Wyve surfboards have a 1 Year Warranty!

Feel free to contact us through the chat if this happens to you.

What is the difference between a HEXA surfboard and a traditional one?

Because of its hollow structure, meaning no foam, your HEXA surfboard needs to get empty. Thanks to the vent system (see video) it is as easy as opening a bottle of water.

In our structure, the plastic is hydrophobe, so it's not soaking water like a normal foam blank would.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article! Feel free to contact us if you have further questions ;)

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