April 6, 2021

LEAVES by Wyvesurf

Here is the story.

Back on 27th January 2021, a massive offshore swell was about to hit Anglet, along with sun and high temps. A big winter swell, with a summer shine. What more could you ask for? If, like us, you are not a big fan of crowded spots, cold and winter swells have the advantage to filter the line up. Even if this year, we have to admit that the spots were much more crowded than usual.

Looking at the forecast, Wyve team rang @louceyrolle. Lou is the kind of girl who knows all the local surfers in Anglet and who makes killer surf photos and videos. 

That’s the day. Three brand new HEXA Leaf to be tested in overhead waves. We were looking for great and motivated surfers to test our boards by putting them to the test in big conditions and get their precious feedback to help us improve our boards. 

Wearing their Wetty wetsuits to face the cold, Antoine, Tom and Mills, 3 surfers from Anglet, joined us early in the morning. It ended up being the best day of surfing we’ve had for weeks. Images speak for themselves.


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