August 25, 2021

What surfboard fins should i get?

With dozens of different surfboard fins in a surf shop, a lot of you have been asking us which surfboard fins to use and if they really make a difference. 

You needed help to choose the size of the fins and had questions about the materials. That’s why we have been exploring the surfboard fin topic and tried several manufacturing processes to find the one that matches your needs.

We thought it was a great opportunity to give you some explanation of how to choose your surfboard fins through our configurator. 

What surfboard fins should I use?

First of all, depending on the board you own, you will not look for the same type of fins. There are 4 main types of fin settings: 

Single surfboard fin

Single fin : More common on Longboard. These fins are usually long and wide, large enough to provide control of the surfboard. Thin singles are made for sharp, slow turns.

Twin surfboard fins

Twin fins : More common on Fish. The double fins offered additional maneuverability and speed.

Thruster surfboard fins

Thruster fins : It is the most common fin setup you are going to see in any surf shops. It is a setup of three equal sized fins. The middle fin offers more stability and maneuverability. More radical maneuvers are possible.

Quad surfboard fins

Quad fins : Setup of four equal sized fins. The quad is halfway between the thruster and the twin. It offers a feeling of speed while maintaining control.

How do surfboard fins work?

Surfboard fin size matter? Yes.
Is the shape of the fin important? Yes, depending on your level of course. 

Let’s sum up the few parameters that are important to know before you choose your surfboard fins.
Size, flex and rake will influence  your surfing feelings. That’s why we created a 3D configurator on our website that enables you to custom your surfboard fins. 

You can choose:

Here is an example of two different surfboard fin designs. 

‘Control’ Design with a strong rake makes the fins go deep into the water, to make stable carves.

‘Drive’ Design with less fin rake, you’ll have more pivot to make sharp turns.

‘Neutral’ Design: Balance between the 2 previous options.


How surfboard fins are made ? 

You might wonder about the materials we use to make this new generation of surfboard fins.

  1. The core of the fin is 3D-Printed from recycled PLA or PET. 

  1. The fin is glassed with fiberglass and bio-based Epoxy that provide mechanical resistance. We use the fiberglass scraps from our surfboard manufacturing process. 

  1. The fin is cropped and sanded to prepare the final glassing that makes the fin very smooth and waterproof

Feel free to have a look at our video that shows how our surfboard fins are made in Anglet (France).

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