September 4, 2020

Wyve, Our New Name

HEXA Surfboard becomes Wyve

Our first name, HEXA Surfboard, was inspired by the geometry of our surfboards and chosen to pay homage to our scientific culture and to the hexagonal shape of our country of origin, France.

Our beloved former hexagonal logo (our early followers know!)

Putting Surfers at the Center

Since our beginnings more than a year ago, our visions and ambitions have evolved. Having had our sustainable, 3D printed boards tested and validated by professional surfers, we wanted to begin a new era. An era in which we put the surfer (you) at the heart of the process

More than anything else, we want to meet you, listen to you, learn from you, and to involve you at the core of our work and mission!

No Compromise for our Passion

What connects us, in this complex and sometimes stressful world, is our passion for surfing. Surfing allows us to reconnect with ourselves, find our balance and it heals our souls and minds.

Because yes, we need to feel unique, and at the same time, to feel that we are part of something way bigger than ourselves. We need to stay focused and alert, but we also need to relax. We need to be alone sometimes, but we also have an irrepressible need to share these moments of joy and harmony.

We need surfboards that are adapted to the uniqueness of our practice and that respect our ethical and environmental values. 

For all these reasons, HEXA Surfboard becomes Wyve.

Details make the difference

One Word for a Commited and Colorful Community

Wyve is the meeting between the momentum and power of the Wave, and the strength of the bonds uniting the members of the same Hive. It is a balance of life, between water and earth. 

Like in a beeHive, we are a committed and close-knit community, ready to act for its values: humility, ambition, eco-responsibility, transparency.

Like a Wave, we are part of a movement, that of the protection of our beloved oceans, ready to make our cause heard beyond borders. We want to make a difference for our planet.

Finally, Wyve sounds like Why, like a perpetual reflection on our raison d'être. Because we never want to stop asking why, questioning our habits, pushing the limits, trailblazing.

Either way, we're really excited about what the future holds for Wyve - and we hope you are too!

If you're ready to help us build the future of surfing, join the Wyve community. Join us. Become a Wyver.

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