January 13, 2021

WYVE surf clip in Anglet

Almost two years ago, we founded what is now Wyve Surf. Today we are proud to release our first short movie.

What happened in between? Here is the answer.

We have always been driven by the passion of extreme sports: surfing, snowboarding, skiing, whatever could bring us this unique gliding feeling. But we always thought the surf culture is a weird paradox. On one side, outdoor people, environmentally aware for most of them. On the other side, a super-polluting surfboard manufacturing industry.

From this statement, we started building eco-surfboards, trying to shape the future of surfing. For months, the team of engineers has been working, iterating, implementing, trying, failing, trying again to make high-performance and ecological surfboards with a unique design. We keep on working on our boards to allow you to get new riding feelings, through advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. But it’s overall been a success: local surfers have tried it, approved it, adopted it.

Two months ago HEXA became WYVE according to our values, with the same purpose: providing you with a completely new surfing experience. Lately, we introduced the three models of our HEXA SERIES: the HEXA Fish, HEXA Diamond and HEXA Leaf.

A lot of you have been asking for clips of our surfboards actually surfed. We heard you loud and clear. We’ve always been committed to work hand-in-hand with local actors and suppliers, so we did for this short movie with locals surfers and videographer, here in Anglet.

We’ve been talking too much, time to watch it!


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