Here we are, you just received your HEXA surfboard, your quiver is getting bigger!
Your board is unique and needs to be taken care of. Here are 7 tips to take care of your new board which can't wait to be surfed.

What should I do with the valve?

You wonder what could be this black little thing? No stress, it's a decompression valve. It allows the air regulation of your surfboard. Just keep it closed. Open it in case you take a flight with your board or need to repair it.

Can I fix my surfboard?

We are sorry to hear your board has a ding... But the good news is that you can easily fix it with a classic ding repair kit. If some water got into your board, you need to empty it. We explain it all right here. It won't take you more than 10min.

How to carry my board?

You HEXA surfboard is the love of your life. Once you'll meet, you won't be able to leave each other. So bring it everywhere! However, even if our boards are more resistant thanks to our nautical inspired core structure, don't be too rough with it. You are going on a surftrip and taking a flight? We advise you to use a Flexi Hex to protect it in your board bag. Head over our blog to learn more about it.

Can I let my board in the sUN?

We love the sun. But your board, not too much. Don't let your surfboard exposed to the sun for too long, especially in your car trunk. You don't want melted wax in your car anyway, right?

How to fix my fins on my board?

Each fin type has its own system. FCSI (a.k.a FCS Fusion) are composed of two inserts, while Futures fins have only one. These two types are easy to plug and need to be screwed. 

FCSII, known as "Click Tab", have two inserts that you'll "clips" to the plug. You theorically don't need to screw it. However, we advise you to put at least one screw to be sure not to lose a fin in case of hitting something (another surfer's board, reef, sandbank, piece of wood...). 

You don't know which type, model or fin size to choose? We wrapped up everything you need to know right here.

Should I use a pad or wax?

Pads cost around 35/45€ but have the advantage of being more durable and therefore avoiding buying wax frequently. Your pad will protect your board a little bit as well, due to its thickness. 

Wax needs a little more attention, as you'll have to put some more every 1,2 or 3 sessions (or use wax comb). It has the advantage of giving you a better feeling of your board. Be careful of using the right wax depending on the water temperature (cold, cool, warm, tropical). Put some "Base Wax" before the normal wax. 

Classic combo would be a tail pad and wax on the rest of the deck, but you can opt for a tail pad and a front pad.

How do I unwax my board?

It is recommended to change wax when you change temperature, but to put out the thick amount of deck wax you have as well. Just get a credit card or something similar and scrap it off your board. Be careful of throwing away in a bin even if you are using ecological wax. 

Here we are, your board looks like it's brand new!

How heavy is my board?

Our surfboards are made out of recycled plastic (PLA or PET) and this materials are relatively dense. Even though the internal structure is hollow, the density balances the weight. For the same board volume, a HEXA surfboard is a little bit heavier than a classical PU surfboard. We are constantly working in Research and Development to keep reducing the HEXA surfboard weight, while keeping it strong.

Even if the board seems a little bit heavier under the arm, surfers that tried it didn’t feel the weight in the water. Paddling ease and good buoyancy are the frequent feedback we get from our test sessions.

Can I Contact You?

If you have any doubts or your board got a problem, please send us an email at, we are here to help!