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Meet our first 3D-printed model, the HEXA Surfboard. Inspired by the structural properties of a honeycomb, eco-designed to be light and strong, engineered to resist time and constraints, your see-through HEXA surfboard is easily repairable and gives you the best surfing feeling.
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Set your own goals 

Get the most out of your surfing experience with a tailor-made shape, designed with high accuracy, to your body and your progression goals.

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Feel the

Let the optimized geometry of your surfboard make you reach new surfing sensations. The hexagons of our core structure are combined to offer you stability and control as well as the lightness to enable more radical moves.

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Take it with you, it’s Robust

No more worries to make bumps when you transport your board. Thanks to our naval-inspired lamination technique, our surfboard are more resistant.

Be proud, it’s eco-friendly 

No need to compromise with your values anymore, high performance goes hand in hand with eco-responsible materials and  local production. You take part of a greener surf movement by recycling your surfboard at its end-of-life.

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Repair it easily

You can easily repair it yourself in case of water infiltration, with a classical repair kit.

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