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Your surfboard, designed and 3D printed specifically to match your body and surfing goals.
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Picture of a surfboard HEXA FISH

Big carves


HEXA Diamond

Picture of a surfboard HEXA DIAMOND

Pure glide



Picture of a surfboard HEXA LEAF

Sharp Turns


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Our surfboards combine scientific and environmental values.
Just relax and enjoy the pure feeling of surfing.


We make surfboards more durable and easy to repair. Take your board everywhere with you without any stress.


Your Wyve surfboard is built for your optimized and customized performance. Your surfboard, your ride.


Your surfboard is made to respect the planet through its entire lifecycle. Enjoy it and recycle it!


Enjoy the uniqueness of seeing the ocean and the sunset through your surfboard. Be one with your environment.
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Embrace your difference and enjoy advanced customization.
male surfer walking on beach with Wyve custom 3D-printed surfboard with hybrid shape
smiling male surfer walking on the beach under sunset with custom Wyve shortboard HEXA Surfboard
Male surfer surfing  Wyve fish custom eco-surfboard
female surfer on sunny beach holding Wyve 3D-printed transparent shortboard
Male surfer surfing  Wyve fish custom eco-surfboard

I didn’t know how to choose a surfboard with a good balance between stability and maneuverability. The Wyve team has helped me a lot and made my dream board!

Alexandre N.

1st Batch
Surfs twice a month

I bought my first shortboard on Wyve’s website. From customization to delivery, everything was easy! Now, I only surf my HEXA custom board, and I love it!

Laura J.

1st Batch
Surfs every weekend

I feel a better glide during the take off. Then it’s easy to generate speed and turn sharply.

Fred B.

1st Batch
Surfs 3 times a week

I wanted a durable shortboard because I surf reef breaks. Being tired of plastic pollution, I really like Wyve’s eco-friendly approach. This surfboard is really similar as my previous shortboards, except paddling is easier. 

Thomas D.

1st Batch
Surfs twice a month

Your progression in surfing highly depends on the surfboard you use. Thanks to advanced technologies such as CAD* and 3D-printing, we push the limits of personalization for your surfboard to match your needs and goals.*CAD : Computer-Aided Design

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