July 19, 2022

Dave Armstrong

It doesn’t take an expert to notice someone with natural ability on a surfboard. Dave Arsmtrong, Durban native, exerts this instantly upon pop-up. His father introduced him to surfing at a young age in Umdloti beach, his local break. It was when he moved to Cape Town to study, that he dedicated himself to surfing. You’ll often find Dave chilling in a green room somewhere in South Africa or Mozambique. It was during a test session with a Wyve shortboard in November 2021 in Cape Town that Dave fell in love with its performance and its solidity in the barrels. That's how he became the first team rider on the African continent.


Dave, chilling in the green room (photo by @ianthurtell)

We asked him some questions for you to know him better!

Hey Dave! How are you doing man? Could you introduce yourself a little bit? 

Hey Guys, I’m good thanks! My name is David Armstrong, I’m from Durban, South Africa. I’m 24 yrs old. My local break is Umdloti beach.

For how long have you been surfing? How did you start?

I’ve been surfing pretty much my whole life. My dad surfs and so he’d take my brother and I down to the beach when we were young and he’d push us into foamies. That’s how we got started.  

What’s your comp track record?

I’ve actually never surfed in a comp, haha. I was always more focused on school sports growing up and surfing was something I’d do for fun in the holidays. For highschool I was at a boarding school which is two hours inland and so I was only able to surf in the holidays. But once I left school and went to study in Cape Town I started surfing a lot more and that’s where I really got going. 

When has been the first time you tried a Wyve board? How did it feel?

The first time I rode a Wyve board was last year in November I think. It was something so different to what I had seen or ridden before and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed, especially in good waves. It held the rail so well and was solid in the tube.

Dave, ripping with a 5'11 HEXA Leaf (photo by @ianthurtell)

What’s your favorite model / dims?

Leaf 5’10 27ltr would be my go to.

What’s your next surftrip?

I’m hoping to go to Indo with my brother later this year. I’ve never been and it's somewhere I’ve dreamed about surfing for a long time.

What does surfing bring to your everyday life?

Surfing brings a lot of joy to my life. It’s a way for me to disconnect from everyday stress and just enjoy being in nature and spending time with mates. 

What are you doing besides surfing?

I am the Online Editor for Zigzag Surf Magazine.

What’s the dream wave you’d like to surf?

If Snapper didn’t have crowds I think that’d be the wave i’d most like to surf. Nothing better than a right hand barreling point break!”

Dave rail game on point (photo by @ianthurtell)

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